reblog if u hate capitalism but u still want to make money because you need money to survive capitalism ayyy lmao i’m sad




it’s important to realize that any narrative that portrays heterosexuality as endangered in any context is homophobic by nature because it prioritizes a completely metaphorical situation over what actual gay people face everyday

and by making a heterosexual romance the main plot, in a context where it is forbidden, even if every single character isn’t straight, it is making sure the narrative knows that the heterosexual romance is the most important, the most real, and the most genuine 

now add this in with a premise that assumes sex=gender and that outlawing only heterosexual sex causes a rift between 2 genders and casts the only androgynous/ambiguously gendered characters as the villains 

and yes, you get a plot that is entirely transphobic and homophobic and i’m so sorry you consider this to be “tumblr complaining” when the erasure and invalidation of our identities is a very real issue especially when so many people are uncritical of this

see: why i dont support urbance

is that what urbance is about? shit. i had no idea. ugh.


If you take a canonically fat character and re-draw them skinny then you are a ridiculous prick and I have nothing to say to you.



love me like it’s prom night



"You have so much potential!! i know you can do better!!"image


when you make Togepi use metronome and they use explosion but it doesn’t kill the opponent pokemon



man door hand hook car door is honestly still the best story i’ve ever read


bokuto and kuroo share shampoo when they move in together and they just get whichever is cheapest or most visually appealing, depending on how much money they have at the time. bokuto buys l’oreal kids a lot because he likes how the bottles look like fish.